new years eve photo

Need some ideas to put some excitement and fun into your new years eve? If you are spending your new years eve with your kids as I am, here are some ideas for activities you can do with your kids to make your evening more enjoyable.

  1. Watch a movie
    1. This one is probably a common one for sure, but it definitely is nice to sit down with some popcorn, candy, and favorite family-friendly drinks to bond while watching a good family-friendly movie.
  2. Make a scrapbook of 2016
    1. Although more detailed scrapbooks can take much longer to create, you could work on creating a scrapbook of some highlights from the 2016 year. Use whatever art supplies you have in your home (find some paper, coloring utensils, stickers, stencils, and you could even print images and pictures from your computer)
  3. Create a memory jar to be used in 2017
    1. Get a container or large mason jar and label it “Positive Memories 2017.” Get small pieces of paper that will be used for the project throughout 2017. Once a week make sure all family members write a positive memory or something they are grateful for down on a piece of paper (with their name on it) and put it in the jar. On New Years Eve of 2017 (going into 2018), take turns grabbing a piece of paper and reading it out loud to remember the positives that occurred over 2017.
  4. Play a board game
    1. It’s nice to get away from electronics and connect over interactive activities, as well. A board game with the family can create some great bonding and memories for your kids.
  5. Make resolutions
    1. Have everyone in the family write at least one resolution down on a piece of paper that they would like to accomplish in 2017.
  6. Create a time capsule
    1. The purpose of this activity is similar to the purpose of a scrapbook…to identify memories from 2016. However, in this activity, you can gather tangible items and put them in a container (something that will last) that you think represent 2016. Then, on next new years eve (or maybe in the more distant future), you can look at it again to remember the year.
  7. Get and Use FREE printable New Years Eve activities
    1. Check out this awesome website link for some great free printable New Years Eve activities for the family.


Enjoy the night. Make positive memories. And cherish the moments of bonding with your family.