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3 Realistic Tips for Tired Moms

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As I write this article, I am personally experiencing ‘tired mom syndrome.’ I have been super busy (or at least it feels that way) for the past few weeks (or maybe pretty much since I became a mom). I have been having more thoughts of being so exhausted and just wanting to get a break. I’m tired.

I saw this image online the other day that said, “I’m strong, but I’m tired.” (Sorry I don’t know who to credit with that quote if there is someone who can claim it.). That’s how I feel. I try to do the best I can to hold everything and everyone together. I get by….But I’m tired.

Can you relate?

Here are three real-life tips that you can use if you are also a mom who feels tired, a mom who gets exhausted, or a mom who just needs a break.

1.Set a sleep schedule…Then, give yourself extra sleep

It is important to get your sleep. I know, as moms, we can convince ourselves that we should stay up late and get more things done or maybe we just want that late-night time for ourselves. However, lack of sleep interferes with our well-being and in the long run makes us even more tired.

SOLUTION: Pick a bedtime and wake-up time. Give yourself about 8-9 hours of sleep. Then, for at least a few days go to bed at least half an hour early (maybe even an hour early) so you can start to catch up on your sleep.

2. Find healthy stress-management strategies

We all experience stress and maybe even anxiety at times. Stress comes with the territory of being a mom. Even though being a parent is a blessing, it still brings stress. Good things can bring stress, too. So, not only do we experience stress from the role of motherhood, we experience stress from the household requirements, any jobs or other responsibilities we hold, relationships, striving to be ourselves, and much more.

SOLUTION: Identify at least three things you like to do and make sure you get a chance to do at least one of those things at least every other day. Also, make sure you can spend at least 15 minutes a day just relaxing and doing something that solely focuses on you.

3. Energize Yourself

How do we counteract our tired minds and bodies besides just sleeping more? We also need to energize ourselves. To energize yourself, try to make your life more enjoyable, find the positive in the day and in the moments. Give yourself things to look forward to like a special outing on a weeknight to a friend or relative’s house or a favorite dinner. Also, exercise or do mindfulness activities to give your mind and body a boost.

SOLUTION: Pick an energizing activity, such as yoga, running, or an exercise routine or video that you will commit to for 21 days. Make the activity last at least ten minutes (although any amount of time, even just a few minutes, can help) and commit to doing this activity for the 21 days. Continue after that if the activity seems to be working well for you. If not, ,try something different.

If you have any other strategies for beating the tired-out mom slump, feel free to comment below.
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3 Realistic Tips for Tired Moms

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