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7 Tips for Eliminating Tension Headaches as a Busy Mom

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Moms can be so busy and be so concerned about the well-being of everyone else in their lives. It’s really hard to not get tense or stressed. It’s hard not to get anxious or overwhelmed. However, it’s important that you take care of your own well-being. Stress can contribute to the development of tension headaches (trust me, I know this from personal experience).

Our long to-do lists are good to a certain extent. They help keep things organized and get things done in a more timely manner. But, our physical health and our bodies might be taking a toll from our good intentions.

So what can you do to eliminate or reduce the symptoms and frequency of tension headaches. Here are 7 useful tips.

  1. Get a massage (yes, really!)
    1. Tell your significant other or justify it to yourself that you need to get a massage for your physical health (My doctor recommended this.)
  2. Stay hydrated
    1. I know we hear all the time that we should drink more water, but it is really important to stay hydrated, so our bodies, our internal systems, and our brains can stay fueled and energized.
  3. Do neck exercises
    1. Do neck exercises multiple times a day. You don’t need any exercise equipment. You just need a plan. Just do a few neck exercises every few hours throughout the day, especially when you are starting to feel stressed or overwhelmed.
  4. Use a hot or cold compress
    1. This can help relieve some of the symptoms of tension headaches. Try a hot shower and let the hot water run on your neck and shoulders. Try a hot or cold pack on your neck.
  5. Try caffeine.
    1. According to WebMD, caffeine is often an added ingredient to headache medications. It helps speed up the processes of the medication.
  6. Try nuts.
    1. According to Everyday Roots, “almonds can be a natural remedy and a healthier alternative to other medicine. It acts as a pain reliever because it contains something called salicin, which is also an agent in popular over the counter killers.”
  7. Practice self-care.
    1. Remember it is important to let yourself relax on a regular basis. This can be difficult for us moms who want to do our best to get everything done and keep everything done and take care of everyone. Make sure you just stop and not let the dirty dishes or the pile of clothes or your kids or spouse’s problems get the best of you. Just pause, breathe, and give yourself a break…and do it often!

If you have any other suggestions for how to beat a tension headache, especially for other moms out there, please feel free to share. We can all help each other!

7 Tips for Eliminating Tension Headaches as a Busy Mom

Heather Gilmore

My name is Heather Gilmore. I am so happy to be able to have a space to share helpful insights and resources to other moms out there. Being a parent is hard work and I hope to be able to give you tips and strategies to make it at least a little bit easier and more enjoyable. We love our kids but any mom knows that they can also be exhausting and overwhelming at times, as well. I have a master's degree in social work. I work as a children's therapist. I am also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and work with children with autism spectrum disorder. Additionally, I am a freelance writer specializing in topics related to children and families. I have my own company called Hope Family Resources which provides resources in person and online to help families find greater hope, health, and happiness. See my site and learn more about me at: or email me at [email protected] I have also published books on Amazon. Search for "Discpline and Parenting Strategies for Kids with ADHD," "Have Peace: How to Have Peace in Your Busy, Chaotic Life," and "Sibling Rivalry: How to Deal with Sibling Rivalry so You Won't Have to Anymore,"

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