toddler crafts photo

I have a two year old. She certainly loves attention as pretty much all toddlers do. Arts and crafts are a great way to bond with your toddler. These activities provide lots of benefits for your growing child, as well. Arts and crafts can help with your toddler’s fine motor skills, attention span, persistence, independence, social skills, communication skills, and much more.

Here are 3 cute and creative craft ideas to try with your toddler.

Homemade Scented Play-Doh

You could buy play-doh and let your toddler play with it or you could let her join in the process of making play-doh and then playing with the creation that you and her made together. Plus, it’s cheaper that way, too.

Here’s a great recipe from PopSugar.

Homemade Binoculars

Toddlers love to explore. My daughter loves to look at all the creatures in our yard like the birds, the frogs, and the chipmunks. She would love to have her very own pair of binoculars to look at all these wonders of nature. She also found some glitter at a yard sale nearby today and she’s been wanting to use the glitter for an art project, so we will use them on our homemade binoculars.

Here is an example of a way to make homemade binoculars.

Zentangle Copy Cat

I just made this up, but last night I was doing some drawing (a hobby of mine although I’m not that good) and my daughters wanted to do art with me. I have particularly been interested in Zentangle the last few years. So, I was doing my drawing with Zentangle aspects in the picture, as well. My seven year old daughter naturally started making lines and patterns to resemble a Zentangle project. My two year old daughter was attempting to draw, as well. We casually asked her to make a line or a circle or dots like I was doing. This was teaching her to follow directions, to expand her art abilities, to learn shapes and discriminate between different kinds of patterns, and we were having fun. 🙂

I will post more fun projects and activities to do with toddlers in the future. I love this age and stage of development. And I love doing these activities with my daughter. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about toddlers in particular. I’d love to respond to your thoughts or questions.

Photo by Daddy-David