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Healthy Habits in 3 Important Areas for Children

It's important to teach kids healthy habits throughout their childhood. Healthy habits we different based on your child's age and developmental abilities, but overall it is important to teach kids about physical health, nutrition, and important life skills.

Following are some tips and suggestions for teaching your kids healthy habits in these three important areas.

Being a Mom

Importance of Routine and Structure for Toddlers

​Toddlers thrive when their life is mostly predictable and stable. Having a routine of daily activities helps toddlers to feel safe and secure. This is a necessity for toddlers as they need to have a sense of security in order to grow and develop.With that being said, it is still okay to change things up from time to time. Toddlers also need to learn to be able to handle surprises and be flexible with change.

One of the basic needs of humans is having safety and security. This is true for all ages of people. Without routine, toddlers do not experience a sense of safety and security. With consistency and routine, toddlers have the security they need in order for their bodies and minds to make more developmental gains rather than being focused on obtaining security.

Being a Mom

Typical Toddler Development

Children grow so quickly in the first years of life.Toddler development typically includes many changes in the areas of:

Gross motor skills

This includes things like walking, running, climbing, and exploring the area around one's self (think at a park or in a new place). Toddlers are fast at work developing their gross motor skills. This is one factor in why toddlers seem to have a lot of energy and may have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time.

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When you feel overwhelmed, do one of these 20 things….

When you feel so overwhelmed in life and you are just in a mood that makes you feel exhausted and maybe even a little depressed or stuck in life, do at least one of these activities. Even if you don't feel like it, simply choose one and take the action to complete the activity. Sometimes, simply doing something helps to change our mood and can get us back into the frame of mind to be better able to cope with our lives and even be better problem-solvers to really address what is making us feel overwhelmed.

Being a Mom

3 Time-Saving Tips for Overwhelmed Moms

Being a mother requires many, many tasks. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to manage everything including appointments for every family member, house cleaning, helping kids with their education, keeping a job outside the home (if you have one), not to mention taking care of yourself and having any amount of down time or relaxation.

Here are 3 time-saving tips for overwhelmed mothers:

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Effective Tips for Disciplining Toddlers

How do you discipline a toddler?

This question may be in your mind if you have a toddler. Toddlers may test limits and try to get what they want by throwing tantrums, crying, whining, or they may not follow directions even when they know how. So, how do you discipline a toddler when they are behaving in this way?

Know that it is natural for toddlers to test limits. They are beginning to attempt to have more independence and learning to explore the world around them on their own. They still need their parents, of course, but they are learning to have a bit more say in what happens and how they experience the world.

Discipline helps kids to stay safe, helps them to ultimately feel secure (by setting consistent limits and expectations), and also helps children to learn appropriate behaviors and self-management.

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Healthy Sleep Habits for Kids

Sleep is an essential component of fostering healthy development in your children. Healthy sleep habits help adults, as well. Summer time often takes a toll on sleep habits. Kids may sleep in or stay up late...And us moms may not be as strict about bedtimes as we were during the school year. Here are a few guidelines for how much your child should be sleeping even if their sleep schedule has gotten a little off schedule since the summer schedule changes have occurred.

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5 Summer School Field Trips in Michigan (or Trips Just for Fun)

I am from Michigan. I also have my kids participate in home-school summer-school activities so they don’t experience that summer slide that some kids do over the summer break from general public school. I think learning should be enjoyable and I want my kids to have hands-on experiences as well as typical academic type activities.

If you live in or near Michigan, the following locations might be of interest to you. You may consider taking your kids to these destinations for a summer-school field trip or simply for the fun of it.

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3 Effective Parenting Tips to Manage Your 3-Year-Old’s Behavior

Three-year olds are beginning to assert their independence. They are learning that they can control their environment and people around them in certain ways. Although you may have heard of the phrase “Terrible Two’s,” more often than not, a young child’s “attitude” may more often show up or at least show up differently at the age of three.

I love young kids. They are so precious. But this is a very critical time in their lives when their brains, behaviors and habits are developing rapidly. They are very impressionable. Also, each child is different and it takes individualizing your parenting skills to each particular child in order to help your child be the best them they can be.

Oftentimes, a three-year-old’s “attitude” and stubbornness may become worse when they are the baby of the family. It’s easy to want to give in to your toddler and to make sure the bigger kids make her happy, too. She is so cute and precious and, of course, no one wants to hear her throw a fit, either.

Being a Mom

Tips for Better Work-Life Boundaries for Working Mothers

As a working mother, it can be difficult to keep clear boundaries between work and home life. This is true for mothers who work outside the home as well as mother's who work from home. It is important to learn to set these boundaries, though, because, overtime, you can become exhausted, stressed, and burned out from having roles that too often fall into other areas of life.

Here are some tips on how you can set clear boundaries between work and home as a working mother: