The Psychology of Lying, the Art of Accusation: Part One

Deception is something we perceive as the resolute to bend another's idea of what is real and what is not (Bhattacharjee, 2017). Twisting the truth is an fair means that can be utilized for the positive or negative, to educate or sway (Bhattacharjee, 2017).”

According to University of Toronto psychologist Kang Lee, acquiring the understanding on how to lie is an organic stage that takes place during child maturation (Bhattacharjee, 2017). Dr. Lee has spent his time...


For the Love of My Mom, Please Don’t Drink and Drive


Five years ago today, my mom passed away while drunk driving. It was the day that changed my life forever and caused me to take my own mental health recovery seriously. Not only did I leave my modeling career behind, a dream that I had worked hard for since my teenage years, but I lived in my house and learned how to eat for the first time since childhood, a result of my


I Needed Color to Heal from Depression

Continuing from the last post about my mother's Bipolar diagnosis and artistic abilities, I thought I'd also touch on how painting can help those who suffer from depression. My mother had serious bouts of depression, where she would sleep for days, sometimes weeks on end. In 2015 I was also diagnosed with clinical depression. In honor of my mother and to help with my depression, I began teaching art therapy techniques to help othe

Bipolar Disorder

Seeing Life Differently: Using Art to Heal with Bipolar Disorder

My mother was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when I was a teenager, and for most of my life, I didn't understand many of the things she said or did. After she passed in 2012, I began my healing journey from trauma, anorexia, and related disorders, and after a couple years, began educating myself about Bipolar, a condition that once terrified me. 

My mother was a tremendous artist, gifted; and although she touched many with her creative talents, she could never come to...

Domestic Violence

Five years ago: For the love of Sandy

Five years ago, my mother Sandy passed away in a car accident. Although the initial investigation from the Charleston County Sheriff's Office stated that the cause of her accident was due to "some sort of a tire issue, causing the vehicle to veer off the road," what my family and I know many years and one book later, is that her death was due to alcoholism, and potentially being attacked while driving.

In honor of the five year anniversary of my mother's...

Policy & Legislation

With Child Sexual Abuse, Awareness is Critical, but Prevention is Key

My parents trusted Robbie since he played Mr. Fix-it, but Uncle Robbie played other games—secret games that only he and I knew about. Whenever he fixed something in my house, and no one was around, he asked me to play. At 

first, I agreed, but soon I discovered that these were not fun games, they were painful. These were games I never won.

When the winter came, Uncle Robbie decided that I was old enough to partake in...

Policy & Legislation

Demystifying the Child Sexual Abuse SOL Reform

To clear up any confusion about the New York child sexual abuse SOL reform bills currently cycling through the Senate and Assembly, I've compiled a handy FAQ, thanks to my fellows at the Stop Abuse Campaign.

What are Statue of Limitations? They are laws that say that a survivor of sexual abuse cannot bring their case to trial after they reach a certain age. In many states the statute of limitations is the victim’s 18th birthday,...