Building a Relationship with Your Stepchildren

Getting into a relationship or marriage with someone who has children is a delicate processes. It can be difficult, stressful and it has the ability to stir up a wide range of emotions for everyone involved.

When first interacting with the kids of your partner or spouse, you will likely question, and re-question, the best approach for moving forward.
How long do you wait to...


How to Survive a Child Custody Case

The goal after divorce or separation should always be to find  a way to create a peaceful environment for the kids. They deserve to have strong relationships and time with both parents without combating a parent's guilt, resentment, anger or depression. While many couples are able to find a way to create this stable multi-home life, there are instances that instead...


5 Tips for Reconnecting with Your Spouse

It’s no secret that marriage is hard work. As with any relationship, it’s normal to go through periods of highs and lows. If you are feeling a bit more distant from your spouse than you would like, here are a few areas to focus on.
Unresolved Issues
Unresolved issues in your marriage can break you down. Issues of trust, resentment and anger are poisons that can quietly eat away at...


Talking to Your Children About Your Remarriage

Talking to your children about getting remarried can be a delicate subject depending on their age and your current circumstances. If you have been dating or living together for a long period of time, it may be easier to discuss but regardless of the situation, remarriage can bring up difficult feelings for your kids.
Here are a few points to consider when telling your kids the big news:
Be Prepared for all Reactions...


A 10 Step Plan for Mom and Stepmom Relationships

It's no secret that the relationship between mother and stepmother gets a nasty reputation. Movies, televisions shows and gossip magazines are infiltrated with visions of mutual hatred and situations of tension, jealousy and revenge. But is this an accurate picture? And more importantly, if negative interactions do exist, are there ways to overcome them?

No One's the Bitch: A Ten-Step Plan For The Mother And Stepmother Relationship


Do Past Experiences Imprint on Our Lives?

Has this ever happened to you….you find yourself in a downcast mood or funk? You can’t quite figure out the issue so you push ahead only to then realize the date. This week is six years since I discovered her ’s exactly eight years since he walked out the this time last year everything changed.

You may not consciously remember or track the date of negative events like you would for a birthday or...


Can Meeting with the Ex-Wife or Stepmom in Your Life Mend Bridges?

The Just Meet Her Challenge
Could a face-to-face discussion with the stepmom or ex-wife in your life improve your situation by opening your eyes and heart? That's the challenge that was raised on . The premise of this idea is that meeting with a person on the 'other side of the fence' can give you the chance to see another point of a view and to gain a deeper understanding. This meeting isn't meant...


Are You Holding Onto Unrealistic Expectations in a Relationship?

Often expectation fails and most often there where most it promises,
And often it hits where hope is coldest and despair most fits.
Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well
Expectations. We all have them and hold them dear, yet often we do not fully acknowledge the power they have over us. They have the ability to rule our days from the moment we wake until the hour we sleep. They help us to...