The Art of Letting Go: The Shame You Carry

Shame is something that most people know a thing or two about. Whether it’s over a single event, a time period of your life, or a wide range of circumstances, shame can attach to you in a way that is difficult to let go. It can stunt your personal growth and prevent you from moving forward in many ways. I recently wrote about a time period in my life that was...


Stepparents: Are You Trying to Fix What You Didn’t Break?

There’s a line I’ve read again and again when it comes to stepparenting…

“You can’t fix what you didn’t break.”

When thinking about how to wrap up this short series on stepparenting, I thought that this piece of advice is a good way to conclude the types of issues many stepparents face.

When going into a relationship with a divorced, separated or single parent, your partner's past...


6 Reasons Why It’s Harder to Love a Stepmom


It's a term we've all heard and one that instantly paints a picture in your head. A nasty, wicked woman who has entered the lives of a man and his children, causing conflict and turmoil along the way. This term is always used to describe a stepmom and I have not yet heard of an equivalent title for stepdads. Why is that? Why does the...


Are Stepmoms and Stepdads Viewed Equally?

Becoming a stepparent is not a role that is easy to grasp or navigate, especially in the beginning. Mixed messages, changing boundaries and conflict often engulf the new spouse with a surprising intensity. But do all stepparents have the same difficulties from the beginning or do some have a more difficult job based entirely on myths and misconceptions?
Society and the media have always portrayed certain images of stepparents,...


5 Tips for Communicating with a Difficult Ex-Spouse

Sometimes when life hands you a divorce, you end up with a difficult ex. One person's description of difficult can vary from another's, but it typically will include situations such as reoccurring emotional exchanges, threats, bringing up past transgressions, rehashing old marital arguments, late night nasty messages or conflicts with custody agreements. The hope is that time will heal all wounds and the level of conflict will decrease as...


Talking to Your Children About an Absent Parent

Whether you have always been a single parent or it's a new status, talking to your children about the situation, the absent parent and their emotions can be incredible difficult.

Here are a few tips to remember when talking with your children:
Keeping Neutral Will Always Benefit the Kids
It can be hard to hide your emotions from the kids, especially on painful topics, but it’s essential that you find a...


How Remarriage Affects Children

When a remarriage occurs with children, it is a safe assumption that there will be some level of difficulty with their adjustment. The intensity of this adjustment period can vary greatly based on the child’s personality, divorce/custody circumstances and also the child’s age.

Here are a few things to consider about their age when you remarry with children:
Preschoolers (Ages 2-5)
Changes at this young age can be simpler for many families due to...


Moving Past the Labels Given by Others

Something that everyone has experienced at one time or another is judgement or prejudice. Whether it's positive or negative, your job title, economic status, family structure or education are just some of the categories people use to try to grasp an understanding of who you are. In doing so, assumptions are made and judgement is cast. I recently wrote about my expirience with this as a veteran and...