All You Need is Love?


There’s a common belief that penetrates stepfamilies and often sets them up for failure.

“Stepparents should treat and love their stepchildren as their own.”
“The way to reduce conflict is to make everything fair – just treat them as your own!”
“Love them as you love your own child and your relationship will work out fine.”
“You just need to open up and love them.”
“You agreed to love them when you married someone with kids.”

The belief that a true and unwavering love needs to be present in order for a blended family to be successful creates a bar that is unattainable for many families.


Are You Ready to Co-Parent?


While the goal post-divorce should be finding a way to peacefully co-parent with your ex, this may not always be possible. Both individuals need to be ready and able to move forward with only the children’s best interest at heart in order for co-parenting to truly work.