Getting to the Core Issue: Why Are Your Goals Failing?

As a blogger, I also have a fondness of reading other blogs on a wide range of subjects. Parenting, marriage, home renovations, cooking, you name it and I’m likely reading it.

In the past few weeks, I have read a lot about New Year resolutions and goals for the year ahead of us. Some bloggers are just starting, some have already dropped their resolutions, but most have their eye on some...


New Year, New You? Creating Positive Change in Your Home

Every family and marriage has areas that need improvement. But it's easy to fall into the trap outward focus. It can be easy to push blame on another person or a certain situation, especially when you are dealing with additional stress from a remarriage, divorce or other significant family change. As we all have heard so many times, we can’t change others but we can change ourselves. But what does that mean when an outside...


What Death Showed Me About Co-Parenting

I was raised in a blended family and while I’ve always appreciated the way my parents worked together post-divorce, their ability to co-parent means even more to me now as an adult. Growing up I didn’t have to think much about their relationship which is an environment that I now know took a lot of effort for them to create. Their problems were never our problems. While we of course would occasionally see slips...


The Journey of Becoming a Stranger After Divorce

I read an article recently which talked about a woman and her journey of healing after divorce….
“My former husband, the father of my child, the person that was once the man of my dreams and the deliverer of my most profound pain became simply someone I used to know.”

It made me think back to my own past relationships; those that were close and those that changed. When...


Dads, You Matter

Being a father is much more than having a biological tie to a child.

The essence of fatherhood lies in the relationship you have, the sacrifices you make, and the lessons that you teach. It’s the support that is given to a child or children, regardless of whether or not there is a shared bloodline, physical similarities, or a common last name.

The role of a father -- a dad, is often overlooked and...


Embrace the Role of Evil Stepmonster

I was reading an article earlier that is the story of one stepmom's journey through her last 16 years of marriage in a blended family. She touched on the struggles, tears and growth they've been through as a family and as a couple. Most stepparents will say the same things if you get them to open up about their journey. They will admit, 'I had no idea what I was getting myself into'....


How Do You Forgive?

In my last post I spoke about how forgiveness can truly be a gift to yourself and your future. Which all sounds good and well, but how is it done when you’ve been wronged? And can you forgive those who have hurt you most of all?
Let’s take a look at what forgiveness is and is
Forgiveness is a way to...


Forgiving When It Isn’t Deserved

I recently wrote an article on forgiveness and how I believe it’s really an act of love. It’s not possible to be in a close, loving relationship with a person without ever finding the opportunity to forgive. Whether it’s in marriage, with your children, parents, other family members or close friends, the core of your closeness is often in...


5 Ways to Help Safeguard Your Relationship After Kids

Having a child (whether your first or your fifth) can throw your home and relationship into a state of instability. The physical toll in addition to the added stress and limited sleep can force you to temporarily jumble your priorities and focus. Here are some ways to keep a focus on your relationship. 
1) Prepare for the 4th Trimester.
Mentally prepare for the fact that the first few months after...