One thought on “The Horse is Technology, But the Rider is on Auto-Pilot

  • October 2, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    I can’t agree more, in that too many are simply drifting along instead of swimming at their own pace and in their own direction.

    However, there is evidence that it is all about being conditioned by Modernity, or as I call it, the Beast. It is as hungry as it is relentless. It chews us up and spit us out all the time and we let it. We’re stressed out in ways it seems we cannot escape since we’re so addicted, distracted, to busy going nowhere in a hurry, trying to keep up: and at the end of the day, it feels like our bodies just log off instead of shutting down; small wonder why we complain that we’re so exhausted.

    As we drift, we live captive by the speed and control of connectivity. Seemingly all of a sudden, we are all wirelessly connected and constantly in touch with someone or something even when we don’t want to be. But, when we lose connection, panic sets in. Ever had your phone or computer broken, stolen or lost? Then you know what I am talking about.

    We need to slow down, and I believe it would help if we would only disconnect more often and for longer periods of time. However, simply disconnecting your devices is not helpful without turning off your thinking about them while they’re off. Otherwise, what’s the point.

    Meanwhile, go for a stroll; preferably with someone else. Have an old fashion chat about how you’re doing. Read a book, write, paint some art or play a board game. Whatever you choose to do,, just find your pace, your own pace.

    There is already a national disconnect day. It’s called National Day of Unplugging. Join in.

    Unfortunately, there seems to be little effort to slow down and pay attention long enough to actually experience our own “Being” in the Now. Consequently, we keep missing the Present.

    We should be mindful that “NOW” is that constant instant between the past and the future and that it is the only time we live and the only time we can do something about almost anything.

    “Now” is always a good time to start thinking about slowing down. These are times when we most need to be mindful of our own “Being” in the present, as we are and as everything is without judgment.

    We need to come back to being present within ourselves and with each other in all the ways and for all the reasons that make us human kind.

    We need to be less preoccupied with Modernity and more mindful about “Being” in the present; Otherwise, we will continue to miss it.

    Since I started practicing Mindfulness Meditation I am less distracted, more mindful about “Being” in the present and I am more in control and able to pace myself better. What would this be like for you? Think about it.


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