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A Day Without a Smartphone: A Short Satire

After a mysterious blue fog surrounded the boundaries of America, there was a communication breakdown and all Smartphones and computers disappeared. Everyone woke up late as the economy halted and people were left in a state of shock unclear on how to relate to one another.

4 thoughts on “A Day Without a Smartphone: A Short Satire

  • February 25, 2014 at 11:00 am

    People wouldn’t go to parks. I don’t know why you think people would go outside. No one would go outside except the people who already do that even with their Smartphones. People haven’t talked to their neighbors my whole life and I’m 34 years old, so placing this lack of connection solely on Smartphones is misdirected. Corrolation doesn’t equal causation, remember? In my whole life I have known the names of 2 of my neighbors when I was a little kid. Now there is only 1 neighbor who speaks to anyone else and he’s an older man.

    I’ll tell you what the real problem is, our society of working people to the point of burn out with only money as a reward. Of preaching the all mighty dollar is god and the independance of “ME” and “MINE” and “I.” Any time you see someone calling another a socialist because they want national healthcare, or someone using the libral vs. conservitive language, or anything else from the big book of “Hate thy neighbor,” no one is going to go outside.

    Smartphones keep up connected to our tribe 24/7. Because our society prevents that. Humans are supposed to be connected to their tribe 24/7. That’s how we evolved. Not sitting behind desks/counters/cash registers smiling as a customer yells because “I I I, ME ME ME!”

    If you want people to go outside more and talk to each other, then the value of the dollar has to drop to 0 first, and society as a whole must crumble so we can start over.

  • February 25, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    I absolutely loved this writing, Elisha, and I am including it in my newsletter to my community on Thursday. Thank you!


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