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Is Facebook Making Us Lonelier? The Great Mindful Experiment

Before Stephen March wrote his thoughts in The Atlantic that Facebook was making us lonelier, there were been several people arguing both sides for years. It’s intriguing to consider how technology is changing how we relate to one another as it is happening.

We’re living in a time of major flux, a real transition in our culture and it would be wonderful if we were aware of what was happening as it is happening. So let’s take a momentary glance at Facebook and the rest of technology that we use every day and see the importance in starting The Great Mindful Experiment.

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Is Facebook Making Us Lonelier? The Great Mindful Experiment

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  1. Paying attention (ie stopping for a second before action) and thinking about what you are doing – is the message to get out to everyone. No one likes to be talking to someone and be ignored as a text or a facebook message comes in. But maybe this is just a time to reflect and observe your own thoughts and feelings in this moment as this is happening to you.

    There are elderly people stuck at home – maybe not able to get out or walk much and Facebook and other medias has opened them up to the world again I think its fantastic. Its brilliant to find and reconnect to people. Like now we can get information out to so many people how cool is that.

    The watching of our own minds – thinking good thoughts – clearing our negative patterns – meditating for insight on who we are and what do we want – working on ourselves will sort everything out by raising consciousness.

    I have spent my life critisizing this – debating that – is this right? or is that wrong? All this (so I am led to believe)can be stopped if we just work on living from our beautiful souls getting past our Egos (the part of ourselves that we think we are – “I’m an artist” – “I’m always late” – ‘I’m not a very socialable person” etc etc – all those labels that come from teachers, parents, life situations – get rid of all that – find out what you really want that gives you fulfillment and then wow how will we interact with Facebook and other social media then – we probably wont need we will communicate straight from the mind to mind ha ha.

    Better stop now and pay attention to what I am supposed to be doing!


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