4 thoughts on “4 Steps to Stress Management: An Interview with Jeffrey Schwartz, M.D.

  • July 23, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Jeffrey is one of my favorite researchers and authors. He does an excellent job of breaking down the issues into clear problem statements with actionable solution steps. These four steps are straightforward and work. Nice post.

  • March 23, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    jeff, i try your 4 step approach every day, as i have had ocd for 40 yrs. i did not know what to do in the beginnng, but continued to work and take care of my family without them knowing of my condition. you have been a great inspiration, and i read your 4 step everyday. i appreciate the fact that you are not afraid to acknowledge jesus.


  • July 29, 2011 at 6:44 am

    I read Brainlock a couple of years ago and was fascinated by the system, and disappointed that it was so narrowly applied to OCD. Then when I read the new book, “You Are Not your Brain,” I got my wish. I have been reading for years about thought and craving control. Cognitive therapy is powerful but does not have adequate oomph for prying one’s self loose from strong impulses.Schwartz and Gladding drive a wedge into that microsecond and provide tools for distancing yourself, and giving control back to the “wise advocate.” This is a great interview because it encapsulates the essence of the book. (Thanks Elisha.) I hope these two authors, or derivative authors write books that apply the method to specific issues like 1) food cravings and 2) procrastination.

    Jerry Waxler

  • September 27, 2014 at 6:02 am

    I have what is call “reactive ocd” my stress is caused by real life shaking events, as an exaple: when I lost my house and I ended up sleeping (living) in my car for a year and eight months, and event that brought back my ocd and with an vengeance because is so bad now that I have let go things go that are important to me, like a great university that I got accepted to. My ocd told me, the “city” is contaminated (not with germs but my own invention of dirtyness).

    But how did I get rid of before? After years of having a mild to severe OCD due to also real stress situations and events outv
    of my control I met a wonderful man who was (I thought) calm, mature, in control mentally, emotionally and financially–all the things I did not have and so desperately needed. See not having a support group like family and friends or having your psychological and safety needs attacked, taken away or lossing them for extended periods of time, can have a huge impact in OCD recovery or as a major cost.

    Just almost immediately (within a month) my ocd went from severe, to mold to the point where I woukd said, “ok im, dirty I will take a shower not today but tomorrow.” This process of postponing the OCD reaction (clean myself) it is called desensitization. Wikipedia Explains it as “In psychology, desensitization is defined as the diminished emotional responsiveness to a negative or aversive stimulus after repeated exposure to it.” I will have to disagree, that does not work on the contrary it makes it worse. The best approach (at least for reactive OCD) is to not think about OCD and focus on positive events and situations and feelings. Try to find what makes you happy and, if possible, reinforce that over and over again. This will killed the stress, which will killed the anxiety caused my negative thinking (a bad habit for some). Once your body relaxes (not with meds) but a type of inner peace and the relive of letting go knowing we are save, it is save, we are ok. Hope my years of analysing my own OCD can help someone reading this forum. Sorry for spelling.

    As of the man that took my OCD away. Welm he put it right back. He was the reason I was living in tbe car, with him after he lost it all and was divorcing his wife (not because of me) He sold himself as solid, and it was a fake reality. I became his support system, and while sucking the life out of me while in the car, the huge amounts of anxiety brought my OCD back. Not to mentioned that a client of mine injured my back (lkng story, but it is fixable.. Without insurance fixing my injured muscles with theraphy was out of the question). Now he is still living with me in a recent acquired apt. But is government money, so the stress is there (plus he has hdd, not tested yet, maybe he does not Hdd and he is just a jerk sometimes) As u see the list of stress events keeps pulling up. I’m still in school but is hard to, do it with stress. Im not a masochist. I just don’t have any one (no support system) and no where to go. The upside is that I now know OCD is curable and I now know my anxiety is causing it, so I’m working hard to fix THE CORE cause of anxiety (my unstable life) and fix it, hence staying in college and graduating is my goal.


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