wisdomThis will be a short piece because I know you’re likely busy, but I promise it to be an important one.

Recently, I was eating with my family at a hotel restaurant in Liberia, Costa Rica and next to us I catch this older man who was sitting by himself, coming over to a young couple and placing a hand on both of their shoulders.

I overheard him saying, “I hope you don’t mind an old man sharing some kind thoughts with you. It breaks my heart to see a couple together on vacation in a special place like this on their phones together. Please put your phones away and be with each other.”

They both smiled, put their phones away, and the young man reached out toward the woman across the table and they connected.

I thought that was a pretty bold move on the older man’s part (and I was cheering for him in my mind).

The next morning I caught him at breakfast and thanked him for helping not only that couple, but also reminding me how precious the moments in life are.

He told me, “You know, it’s a funny thing about time, you never get it back once it passes.”

This is once of the greatest truths we know and yet so easily forget. May we all learn to infuse more mindfulness into the moments of the day and live them as if they matter…because they do, and you do.