Many of us have set New Year’s intentions to be more compassionate, but like the mainstream spread of mindfulness, it’s often something that’s more talked about than practiced.

But let this be the moment where we all dig deep from wherever we are to do small things every day to restore a sense of humanity in this world. Really, what would the world be like if we all were more connected with the understanding that we’re all in this together. We all want to feel accepted, understood, cared about, that sense of belonging.

Allow this video to be a small moment of inspiration:

We can all do small things that are focused on daily giving. Here are 10 ideas, or use your own, mix it up it infuses novelty, creativity and fun:

  1. Take the shirt off your back and clothe the homeless.
  2. Make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hand them out to those who are hungry.
  3. Surprise someone and write a physical thank you letter every week letting them know they’re appreciated (even a text or phone call goes a long way).
  4. Make a small daily donation to a cause of your choice. Find one you like at Charity Navigator.
  5. Smile at people throughout the day, it’s contagious.
  6. Make eye contact and intentionally thank people.
  7. Get creative and paint a mural in your community.
  8. If you have a socially friendly pet, bring your pet to a senior center or veteran’s club and share his/her friendly energy.
  9. Volunteer to tutor some kids in need.
  10. Take a moment just to pause, consider all the stressed out people (including yourself perhaps), drop into your heart and say, “May you be at ease, May I be at ease, May we all be at ease.”

Sometimes we have the thought, I’d love to do this, but now’s not the right time. Another potential obstacle is that giving can make us feel vulnerable and so we get unconsciously find ourselves guarding against it. If this is the case, consider these words:

Start Now















The 15th century Indian poet Kabir said, “Wherever you are that’s the entry point.”

It’s starts with us, it’s starts in this moment right now.

Believe me, it’s possible, we can restore a sense of humanity, one little act at a time.


Elisha Goldstein

Author of Uncovering Happiness and co-author of MBSR Every Day