sleepYou’ve heard it before, we’re a sleep deprived nation. If you took a poll, you’d likely find most of your friends feel more tiredness than they would like. That is why 5-Hour Energy Drink and other products like that are so popular. They perk us up, make us more engaged and interested in daily life. But there is another thing you can do, feed your mind specific mindful attitudes and practices that inspire a natural sense of engagement, curiosity and energy.

There is no doubt about it, mindfulness helps us wake up!

The practice of mindfulness opens our eyes, it’s meant to be an active practice where we’re intentionally focusing on some point of attention with an eye of curiosity. Just like any form of play, we’re producing a sense of engagement in our life as it unfolds. This is the opposite of disengagement which often comes with tiredness.

Tiredness is also a common side effect to stress.

When we bring a curious eye to our difficult emotions we activate a practice of investigation. We bring a beginners mind, noticing it as if for the first time, to the feeling as it arises in the body; how big it is, the contours of it and even what it believes and even needs. As we continue this investigation, just like being fascinated with anything novel, we’re activating our engagement system and in the process this gives us energy.

Things are no longer out of control as we’re in the driver’s seat. What naturally follows is a sense of confidence, freedom and joy. These are also energy-producing states of mind.

The next time you find yourself stressed, bored, or tired, see if you can bring mindfulness to it. It will at least give you the awareness that you might need to revise your schedule and get more rest. Or maybe there is an uncomfortable feeling there that needs to be investigated. In the moment, see if you can accept the reality of it being there and bring an engaged curiosity to it. Whenever you notice this attitude of engaged curiosity drifting, just notice that and gently guide it back.

Try this out for yourself (free guided mindfulness practice) – it’s portable, sugar free and zero calories.

Is there a better deal on the market?

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