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Archives for February, 2014


The Power of Thinking and the Answer to Who You Really Are

Have you ever thought about what your thoughts really are?

Consider for a moment even as you’re reading this the voices and images that are naturally appearing in your mind as your brain processes this sentence.

Close your eyes for 10 seconds. Imagine you’re in a dark movie theatre and just watch these mental events forming and unforming. Some are voices questioning what you’re doing, others are telling you what you should pay attention to, or yet others...
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The Cost of Mindless Eating: A National Dilemma

The cells in your brain and body require a constant supply of energy to keep them alive and working well. Food is the fuel for these cells. If we want optimum physical and mental health, then it is critical to take in the highest quality food (fuel). However, most of us walk around without much awareness of the food we eat. Most of the schools in this country serve food and snacks filled with high levels...
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3 Tips to Getting Focused

In a study out of the Journal of Communication, researchers showed how media multitasking not only makes for poorer cognitive performance and makes us less effective at home and work. It turns out that even the idea of multitasking is a myth. In an interview with the National Institute of the Clinical Applications of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM), Dan Goleman, PhD, author of the recent bestselling book Focus talks about how...
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