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Archives for April, 2013


Make Gratitude a Practice, Really

When we think of what we’re thankful for we often think of the light in our lives. Who and what represents the light in your life?

The poet Hafiz writes in his poem “It Felt Love”:

How did the rose
Ever open its heart
And give to this world
All its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light
Against its being,
We all remain
Too frightened

This is so true. It becomes easier to open up and reveal our own gifts to this world when we...
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You may have seen the video and maybe it touched you in a way that brought you to tears. A forensic artist sat down and asked the woman sitting on the couch next to him to tell him about her face. He opens with the question, “Tell me about your hair?” and then, “Tell me about your chin. After one woman thinks about it she says, “It protrudes a bit especially when I smile.”...
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Squash Doubt and Step into Joy

You may have read, and you’ve certainly experienced, that our brains are wired with a negative bias. From and evolutionary perspective this is to keep us on the lookout for danger in order to be prepared if it is ever to strike. But when we get a new job, relationship, parenting or many other areas of life, it squashes what could be a joyful and exciting experience. In fact, one of the greatest offenders...
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The Neuroscience of Learning to Trust Yourself

A research study just came out in the Journal of Neuroscience where scientists at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston used sea snail nerve cells to reverse memory loss. The scientists were able to help the cells compensate for memory loss by retraining them when the nerve cells were primed for optimal learning. Of course they’re hoping this has implications for working with Alzheimer’s, but the implications don’t stop...
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Every Little Bit Counts – Daily Now Moment

Here's another Daily Now Moment that if spread around can have tremendous ripple effects in your relationships, communities and beyond.

The ancient Greek writer Aesop left us with these words:

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

Be on the lookout for kindness in others today. You may find more of it in the world than you think is there.

Then, try bringing more intentionality to your own acts of kindness.

We may not always...
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Teens Get More than Better Test Scores with Mindfulness

A study out of the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) recently came out that showed how a two week mindfulness training improved students GRE reading-comprehension scores and working memory, while reducing mind wandering among students prone to distraction. Of course this story went viral because of the value our culture places on test scores over almost anything else, including mental health. But underneath the better tests scores, this study reveals something...
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Now Moment: Balance Your Brain’s Negativity Bias with Food

Find some food today with which to truly engage in mindful eating.
Please don't let this pass you by, make it your
Eat slightly slower than normal and give yourself the chance to really taste the food.

Consider all the people and natural elements like wind, dirt, rain and sunshine that went into creating this food that is now being used as nourishment (and maybe joy).

Research has shown that our brains have a natural negativity bias, more prone...
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Take a Short Respite

Here is a mindful practice from the "Daily Now Moments" to play with today:
Take your shoes off and spend one minute feeling the sensation of the floor or earth beneath your feet.

Wherever we are provides us with a "choice point" to bring awareness to what surrounds us in the moment.


Elisha Goldstein, PhD

Bare feet photo available from...
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