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Archives for August, 2012


Reprogram Your Brain to Improve Relationships and Heal Past Wounds

If you've followed my work, you've probably heard me talk about or read something I've written that has talked about the skillful application of doing things that prime our minds in the direction of mindfulness, health and well-being. In fact, Priming the Mind is the third step of the 5 Step Cheat Sheet in The Now Effect.

It's a way of influencing your subconscious mind toward what I...
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The Courage to Be Present: An Interview with Karen Kissel Wegela, PhD

The first time I came across the title of Karen Kissel Wegela's book, "The Courage to Be Present," I said to myself, "how true." In an age where distraction is encouraged, it actually takes courage to intentionally be present to our lives.

Karen has been a core faculty member at Naropa University for more than 29 years focusing on "Contemplative Psychotherapy" - bringing together Buddhism and traditional psychotherapy. She has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado and gives workshops...
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Refusing to Forgive: An Interview with Dr. Fred Luskin

Today I bring to you one of the foremost experts on a critical topic for individuals and relationships: forgiveness.  Dr. Fred Luskin is the Director of the Stanford Research Project on Forgiveness and author of the popular books "Forgive for Good, Stress Free for Good," and his most recent "Forgive for Love." He currently serves as a Senior Consultant in Health Promotion at Stanford University and is an Associate Professor at...
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What Smartphone Phantom Vibration Syndrome is Revealing

A few years ago I was sitting at lunch talking to a friend when my brain picked up a subtle buzz in my pocket. I reached for the phone to see what the message might be and lo and behold, my phone wasn’t there, it was sitting right on the table. I was being visited by a phantom vibration.

If you’ve experienced this, you’re not alone. It’s apparently a widespread...
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Finding Meaning in a Broken Glass

Here's a past post that I wanted to revive due to a lot of recent interest. Enjoy!

Over the course of our lives we’ve been labeled or labeled ourselves as a glass half full or empty kind of person. But what if the glass was already broken? That’s the lesson that Ajahn Chah gives to a group of students including Psychiatrist Mark Epstein, author of "Thoughts Without A Thinker
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Is the Web Driving Us Crazy? A Mindful Response

It's undeniable. The bond between human and digital device gets stronger every year. The average person sends or receives four times the amount of text messages since 2007. People are starting to feel their phone vibrate in their pockets when in fact there was never a vibration. This has been called “phantom-vibration syndrome.”

There’s a historical shift happening that we’ll only begin to understand years from now.  With...
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Learn How to Be Alone Through Mindfulness

If you’ve been following recent news in the mindfulness world, you may have heard about a recent study by David Creswell out of Carnegie Mellon University that showed the wonderful effects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as a reduction on perceived loneliness in healthy older adults age 55-85.

Loneliness is something that most of us experience from time to time, caused and exacerbated by stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma,...
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Neuroscience and Compassion Training Predict a Better World

In 2000, Dr. Richie Davidson brought over a number of monks, who practiced a form of compassion meditation, to his lab in Madison, Wisconsin for at least 10,000 hours to find out what was happening in their brains.

He hooked them up to brain imaging machines and found that when exposed to a sound of human pain, their brains weren’t disturbed, but areas of the brain involved with empathy and compassion lit up....
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