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Archives for June, 2011


Mindfulness and Addiction: Part 2

In Mindfulness and Addiction Part I I wrote about the potential to use nonjudgmental present moment awareness (aka mindfulness) to become more attuned to triggers, cravings, and urges and help break the cycle of addictive behavior. I also used the caveat "this is easier said than done."

When struggling with addiction, it becomes all too common to switch onto auto-pilot with little to no awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and sensations...
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The Most Classic Error When Trying to Fix Depression

Everyone, at some point in their life, will be affected by depression; whether it's their own or that of someone they are close to. Almost 19 million Americans have periods during which they feel a lack of pleasure or interest their usual activities combined with feeling tired and heavy, potentially overly emotional or numb. Many also experience an onslaught of negative and self defeating thoughts that can keep invading the mind over...
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Mindfulness and Hypnosis: Conversations in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy has been gaining a mounting interest among  thousands of clinicians and clients. The following is one in a series of informal conversations between Trudy Goodman, ., Elisha Goldstein, . and Steven Hickman, , the teachers for a unique upcoming professional training retreat entitled “Mindfulness in Psychotherapy” to be held October 2-7, 2011 at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in Southern California. This series is primarily aimed toward clinicians,...
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How To Stay Young in the Midst of Getting Older

I remember when I was a kid, playtime was what I looked forward to the most. I think that’s on par with most kids. But something happens to us as adults where we get indoctrinated into a system where play gets relegated down the priority list. It’s not something we intentionally choose, it’s a subtle process where a belief is planted and nurtured that play simply isn’t important and as the years go...
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