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Archives for July, 2009

Can Mental Practice Improve Your Performance?

Ever dream you could be more confident in social situations, ace that presentation or that you would actually be a better athlete? Results from a comprehensive study by Feltz and Landers in 1983 indicated that we can actually significantly improve our performance on a variety of tasks through visualization and mental practice.  The researchers found that people can improve in areas such as sports, academia, social situations, or even musical instruments.  Since this time many professional athletes have been engaging in this practice.

Here's how...
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Compassion: An Antidote to Anger?

Mindfulness teacher and author Thich Nhat Hanh writes:
The nectar of compassion is so wonderful. If you are committed to keeping it alive, then you are protected. What the other person says will not touch off the anger and irritation in you, because compassion is the real antidote for anger.
There's often misinterpretation between the words anger and aggression. Anger by itself is not an issue. It is important to be able to notice when we are getting angry, frustrated, irritated, or annoyed because it...
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