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Archives for June, 2009

Twitter, Aliveworld, and Your Mental Health

In a recent article Rick Nauert wrote about the probability of a web-based therapy for depression. I think the key point he makes is at the end where Professor Andrews reports that this is not really meant to replace current face-to-face therapy, but:

"Internet programs could be utilized extensively to enhance existing mental health services."

This has been my feeling for quite some time. How can we harness the power of a medium that people are connected to on a daily basis to support mental...
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OCD & BDD: 4 Steps to Find Relief

In a recent article Charles Elliott, does a very good job bringing to light the issue of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). He begins by reminding us:

"If you're a human being and live on this planet, you probably can come up with something that you don't especially like about your body."

We may not all have BDD, but our minds are often running rampant in the background with ways we wish we were different than we actually are. It is so utterly difficult to...
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