Why is this Present Moment so Important?

The morning wind spreads its fresh smell.
We must get up and take that in,
that wind that lets us live.
Breathe, before it’s gone.


Allow this to be just a simple poem by 13th century Sufi Poet Rumi to bring awareness back to the understanding that in life we often get kicked on auto-pilot and tune out things that may be supportive to our mental health. We can take this poem at its word and notice that so often we are in such a rush in the morning, even on beautiful mornings, that we don’t take a moment to take in its fresh smell (unless you’re living in an industrial city, but don’t worry there are other fresh smells there). Even though many of us ignore the fact, this breath that we breathe is temporary and for us as individuals, one day we will cease to take these breaths. So what would it be like to pay attention to it from time to time as if it really mattered?

Instead of rushing around in the morning with tense muscles, a racing mind on what needs to be done that day, and potential feelings of stress and anxiousness, bring yourself back to right now and be here for a moment. This can set precedence for the rest of the day.

Now, this is not to say wake up every morning, stick your nose out the window and all will be well. This is really just to say, can we become aware when we’re getting perpetually drawn into auto-pilot and question what may be in the moment that we’re missing. There may be many pleasant things that we don’t notice because we’re so focused on where we need to be or where we wish we weren’t.  For example, the warmth of the sunshine on the face, your child’s smile, the tastiness of breakfast, a warm shower, or even a sense of quiet. Awareness of these moments can support you during more difficult moments during the day.

Life is fragile and relatively short at the end of the day. What would you do if this moment or this day really mattered? How would you live it differently? As Stephen Levine says, “Who would you call and why are you waiting?”

Take today as the day to spread a bit more presence in your daily life. To support this I have created a twitter feed to send little mindful morsels a few times throughout the day to pop you into a state of mindfulness. If you are interested in this go to http://twitter.com/Mindful_Living.

How else do you add a bit more mindfulness to your day? What do you do? Share below your thoughts or stories. Your additions here provide a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.