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Archives for April, 2009

What Everybody Should Know About the Dangers of Meditation

In his recent article, Enlightenment Therapy, Chip Brown writes about a real life story that conveys the pitfalls of meditation, the importance of therapy and personal narrative, and the potential benefits of a combined approach. The story is of Zen master, professor, poet, and essayist, Louis Nordstrom. For the purposes of this blog I'm not going to get into the differences between the various different approaches to meditation (, Zen, Vipassana, ), but explore Brown's illustration of the importance in being aware of...
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What to Do When Crying Feels Like Giving In

In a recent PC blog by Erika Krull explores a personal journey with the act of crying and how she has come to a more accepting place with it. She writes about her past:
I also spent some years crying in private shame from depression that no one really understood or knew about. Perhaps because of that, I'm both more easily triggered and more ready to be open about it.
Many of us have grown up with the messages that crying is shameful and others...
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