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Archives for February, 2009

Stressed? You Can be Your Worst Enemy

How many times during the day do we run away with stories in our heads that only serve to make us more tense or more frustrated with life. How many troubles do we have in our minds that never really happen? The following is a story I originally heard from author and teacher, Jack Kornfield, of a man that we may all be able to relate to:

John had been touring in Afghanistan and over time had developed a stress condition so severe that...
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Feeling Grief Means Being Alive: 7 Tips to Help

In a recent blog, Ronald Pies, wrote about an experience which left him fuming when a local pharmacy lost close to 50 years of "priceless" home movies of childhood summers and memories gone by.  That same day continental flight 3407 went down and the deaths of 50 passengers that day putting everything in perspective. He said "Having problems means being alive" and even though we may struggle in this life, being alive is something to be grateful for.

Days later I learned that...
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