3 thoughts on “Fighting the Stigma: What Mental Illness Means to Me

  • April 16, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    I suffered from low level depression most of may life. nothing like you have weathered. My hat’s off to you for your recovery – your tenacity. Your wisdom. But i wanted to note, that Meditation eliminated my depression, and added joy to my life. something i’d never experienced. Actually going to the beach, walking and meditating keep me joyful. I can’t always make it to the beach, but i can always look out at nature, and see the presence of something greater, or read something that lifts my spirit, and close my eyes, and feel that energy igniting within me, as waves of love and light pour thru me. It’s magic. At any time, i can turn away from the world, from my work, my concerns, my anger, whatever, and turn my attention to what I call God, close my eyes, and experience bliss. x to you, Judith


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