Although the study of and practice of mindfulness are becoming increasingly popular in both scientific research and pop culture, there are relatively few resources online exploring the mindfulness of parenting in a consistent, accessible way. Mindful Parenting will fill that gap. I am relatively new to the world of mindfulness, and I would like to take the readers of this blog along with me on my journey.

The blog will include an exploration of mindfulness in the context of parenting, including my own personal stories, ideas for daily practices, and ways to teach mindfulness to children. The blog will also review relevant research and books. I may address broader issues from time to time, but always with a connection to mindfulness and parenting.


About Carla Naumburg, PhD, LICSW

I am a clinical social worker, writer, and most importantly, a mother to two young daughters. Since becoming a parent, I have become increasingly interested in mindfulness practice as a way to stay focused, calm, and present in the chaos of tantrums, late-night wake-ups, and the constant negotiations of life with a toddler and a pre-schooler. This blog explores my personal and professional journey into the world of mindful parenting.

My writing has also been published in academic social work journals, including Families in Society, Smith College Studies in Social Work, and Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping. I am a contributing editor for, and I blog for the Huffington Post.

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