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Archives for December, 2013


My 2014 Resolution: A Compassionate Mess

Happy New Year! I'm a mess! WHOOOEEEEEEE!

I love New Year's Resolutions. I love the possibility of a fresh start. A new chance at a new me. THIS will finally be the year when I lose the weight, meditate and do yoga every single day, stop yelling, and become a New York Times bestselling author. This is the year when I finally get my proverbial shit together. No, really. It will be.

I suppose...
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Guest Post

Letting Go of Comparisons: A Mindful Parenting Guest Post

This blog has been quiet for a couple of weeks now as I've been immersed in the writing of my forthcoming mindful parenting book. I wasn't sure how to balance my time and get everything done, and then just as I was writing about the importance of supporting each other in the hard work of parenting, it hit me. I needed to take my own advice and ask for help. Fortunately, a number of my writer/Mama friends stepped up when I asked...
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Enough with the Bad Mother Talk

I’m really good at the bad mother talk. Any of you (fathers included) who have spent any time at all hanging out with other parents or inside your own brain likely know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes it’s the sarcastic, self-deprecating, but mildly humble-brag (as in, “hey, at least I’m not that super-uptight helicopter parent”) claim to bad motherhood.

“I’m such a bad mother. I gave my daughters mac ‘n cheese from the box three times last...
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