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Archives for November, 2013


An Open Letter to Parenting Experts

Dear Parenting Expert,

As part of the research I’ve been doing for the parenting book I’m currently writing, I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of your opinions over the past several weeks. While most of you have lots of useful advice and reasonable suggestions, the truth is that after reading your books, I end up feeling incompetent, thoughtless, and fairly certain that my child will grow up to be depressed, addicted, and...
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Eating Peas on the Kitchen Floor: Mindful Parenting at Dinner Time

“Don’t eat that pea. DO NOT EAT THAT PEA. That is MY PEA and you are NOT allowed to eat it…. YOU ATE THE PEA!!”

That’s what was going on in my house last night. My daughters and I were sitting on the kitchen floor, digging leftover steamed peas, broccoli, and cauliflower out of a Tupperware container. With our hands.

Did I mention that we were on the kitchen floor?

This is a significant change from how we...
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