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Archives for October, 2013


Mindful Parenting: Moving Beyond a Difficult Childhood

In my last post, I wrote about why parenting when you were under-parented can be so hard. It’s harder because those of us who grew up in chaotic homes may want to raise our children in drastically different ways, which means we’re basically reinventing parenthood as we go along. In addition, we may be more likely to be triggered by our children’s challenging behavior, sending us down an emotional “low road,” which can...
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Parenting When You Were Underparented

I recently posted the following quote by Dr. Laura Markham on my Facebook page:

"When we regulate our own emotions our children learn to regulate their emotions. That allows them to regulate their behavior, presuming they're connected enough to us to want to."

A few days later, one of my readers sent me this response:

“ what if you were raised in a totally dysfunctional family where screaming & yelling were...
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Mindful Parenting: Practicing Kindness

Lately I’ve started doing a different kind of meditation. Rather than focusing on my breathing, I repeat the following phrases in my mind:

May I be safe.
May I be happy.
May I be well.
May I feel loved.

And then I repeat those same words, but for different people. Lately, I’ve been mostly focusing on my daughters.

Now, if this sounds a little bit too Stuart Smalley (“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggonit, people...
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