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Archives for July, 2013


Exciting News!

I am thrilled to share that I am currently working on my first book! The book will explore that which is most important in parenting: our relationship with our children, our ability to take care of ourselves, and how we can stay fully present through the ups and downs of all of it. It will draw on my personal journey through parenthood, my professional and academic experience in clinical social work, and my ongoing practice of...
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Book Review

Mindful Parenting, Mindful Eating

To call my daughter a picky eater would be an understatement. Her diet consists primarily of wheat, dairy, and a few fruits and veggies.  I considered it a culinary success when she finally ate a beef hot dog this weekend.

Figuring out how to interact with my daughter around her eating has been tricky. When I get worried about her protein or calorie intake I start “encouraging” (read: nagging) her to try something new or at...
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Mindfulness: It’s Not Just For the Small Moments

I often think of mindfulness as a way to stay present in the moment and be less reactive in difficult situations. But the reality is that mindfulness can also help with big decisions as well. I recently wrote about how my journey into mindful parenting and meditation helped my husband and me make a pretty big decision for our family.

The whole article is over on , and here's how it starts:

Just over a...
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Mindful Parenting: I Need Sleep!

In the past few days and weeks, I have slowly been coming to terms with an unfortunate reality.

I just can’t function without sleep.

Welcome to the Blog of Blatantly Obvious Conclusions.

I really don’t want this to be true. Now that my girls are usually sleeping through the night (knock on wood!), I want to stay up late, writing, knitting, reading, or catching up on my favorite TV shows AND get up early to meditate...
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Mindful Parenting: An Interview with Left Brain Buddha

I am so pleased to share an interview with Sarah Rudell Beach, the author of Left Brain Buddha, which is one of my favorite mindful parenting blogs.

Your blog is called Left Brain Buddha. How did you come to that name?

I have always been intrigued by Buddhism, going all the way back to high school. The challenging part was quieting my mind. I love thinking! As a teacher and a reader, quieting my...
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Mindful Parenting: The Lessons of a Broken Shovel

It all started with a broken yellow shovel. I forgot to throw it away after the plastic handle cracked, so it came on to the lake on vacation with us. I was about to toss it when my four year old began to play with it. She walked out into the water and started throwing it out in front of her and wading after it. (She doesn’t yet swim.) As the morning progressed, she went...
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