Jizo Necklace. jizoandchibi.com

Jizo Necklace. jizoandchibi.com

3 Things for Mom is one of my new favorite Mommy blogs. (Sorry, Dads, but this one does seem geared towards the maternal crew.) Each post features a truth, a tip, and a find by different writers, and many of them are truly inspirational. In honor of this great new blog, I thought I’d offer a Mindful Parenting version with a truth, a tip, and a find, about kindness and parenting.


“The way we talk to ourselves influences the way we parent. So often we don’t understand what our child is expressing because we’re caught up in our own thoughts or feelings . . . We see how we generate much of our own suffering through what we tell ourselves or through our desire to have things be different from how they are now . . . May we pay attention with kindness to what is happening within us and within our children.”- Denise RoyMOMfulness: Mothering with Mindfulness, Compassion, and Grace


Bring more kindness into your life by practicing a brief loving kindness meditation each day. I really like the one outlined on this handout by the folks at Washington State University, and Dr. Christine Carter of the Greater Good Science Foundation shares some tips on her blog, Raising Happiness. Finally, you can delve a little deeper with WildMind’s 100 Days of Lovingkindness Challenge, which starts tomorrow!


My husband recently bought me a beautiful necklace from Jizo & Chibi. The artist behind these beautiful pieces is a psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner. I love my Jizo necklace, as it reminds me to take a breath and respond from a place of calm kindness whenever possible. (This is a great idea for any of you Dads out there looking for a Mother’s Day gift!)