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Archives for March, 2013


Mindful Parenting: Being Present for the Good Moments and the Tough Ones

My four year old daughter has taken to dancing naked whenever the opportunity arises. She’s never been one to take off her clothes at random times (thank goodness for small favors!), but each morning and night, it’s go time. The minute she’s fully undressed, she starts wiggling and twisting, shaking her hips, throwing her arms in the air and sashaying across the room. Music or no music, it doesn’t matter. She’ll dance...
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I Put the Apps Back on My iPhone

A few months ago, I wrote a post about deleting all of the apps from my iPhone in an effort to be more present with my children. I'm sure none of you will be surprised to learn that those apps are back.

Here's what happened. In the first few days after I removed the apps, I became intensely aware of all of the ways in which I had been using my phone. I was...
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Returning to Mindful Parenting: A Post Worth Reading

Meghan Nathanson writes a beautiful blog about Mindful Mothering, and her writing about the challenges of parenting and the power of mindfulness inspires me on a regular basis. One of her recent posts, "10 Ways to be Mindful with Your Children Again" really resonated with me. I could see myself in every single one of her signs that you might not be present with your children, and I loved her suggestions...
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Mindful Parenting: A Missed Moment

“Mommy, sometimes I wish you only had one daughter so you could do all of your attention to me.”

My four year old daughter said this to me last week, while her younger sister was napping.

“I know, sweetie, but you love your sister, and who would you play with if you didn’t have a sister?”

“I would play with you and Daddy. All the time.”

“But you really love your sister, sweetie.”

“I only love you and Daddy.”

And with...
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