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Archives for February, 2013


Mindful Parenting: Is There An App For That?

My husband and I are both fairly heavy technology users (something I am actively struggling with, as you all know). We have smartphones, tablets, and computers, and we love thinking about and discussing the ways in which technology can make our lives better, and worse. Josh is aware of my interest in mindfulness, and he has asked me on more than one occasion what I would put into a mindful parenting app.

The truth is, I...
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Mindful Parenting: Feeling Stuck

You may have noticed that the blog has been silent for awhile, and that my last post was about how I had let my mindfulness practice slip. The truth is that I've been really struggling with precisely what mindful parenting means to me and how I want to implement it in my life and with my family.

I am still a newbie to mindfulness, and this blog is about finding my way into all...
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