We are one week into the new year, which means that many of us may have already let go of some of the resolutions we set just seven days ago. While the idea of starting a new year fresh is incredibly compelling, the reality is that every day, even every moment is an opportunity to choose something different, something new. In fact, that may be one of the greatest gifts my meditation practice has given me: the realization that I can come back to the present, accept it without judgment, re-focus my intention and attention, and begin again.

I wrote about my most important new year’s resolution–single-tasking–on January 1. I have done fairly well with it thus far, although meals continue to be a challenge. Rather than beating myself up for mindlessly scarfing down my sandwich (which I am prone to do–both the negative self-talk and the distracted eating), I am working to remind myself that each meal, each bite, is another opportunity to be in the moment, enjoy my food, and be grateful for the nourishment.

As I’ve looked around the internet for inspiration, I have found a number of great articles that are relevant to mindful parenting, resolutions, or both:

– Dr. Laura Markham’s list of Five Resolutions That Will Make You a Better Parent This Year is fantastic. I love them all, but particularly Stay Connected. It reminds me of this Pema Chodron quote, which I come back to again and again.

– Leo Babauta’s primer on Full Screen Living over at Zen Habits. He’s talking about mindful living, and I love the metaphor he uses.

– In her post, A Different Kind of Parenting Resolution, Meg Akabas offered this gem: “If I could offer only one piece of parenting advice for the New Year, it would be to encourage parents to take the pressure off themselves to be good at everything at once.

– Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Elisha Goldstein posted his Three Steps to Making Intentions Stick in the New Year: Expect to stray, Don’t judge, and Refocus. Elisha’s piece really resonated with me, because my natural inclination is to give up as soon as I mess up. His acknowledgment that we are all going to make mistakes is so important!

What is inspiring you to stay with your resolutions? If you’ve already strayed, what’s bringing you back?