mindful parentingI recently found a wonderful post by my fellow PsychCentral blogger Elisha Goldstein, a clinical psychologist, author, and mindfulness teacher. Last April, Dr. Goldstein wrote about mindful parenting, including these words of wisdom:

The fact is, one of the most important gifts a parent can give a child is their presence, validation, and security. When we’re present with our children it lays the path for attunement and resonance. Attunement is when the parent is aware and present to the child’s inner world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When attuned, a state of resonance occurs where the child “feels felt.” Think about anytime you felt completely understood. It breeds a sense of safety and when a person feels safe they cultivate the ability to trust.

I encourage you to read the entire post. It’s truly inspirational.

Father and son photo available from Shutterstock