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Archives for September, 2012


Mindfulness: The Basics

When I first learned about mindfulness, I imagined myself with a  shaved head, handing out flowers in an airport.  Seeing as how I have a serious aversion to drum circles and incense, I immediately wrote the whole thing off. 

Boy, was I wrong.

So, before I jump into the details of mindful parenting, it seems important to clarify just precisely what mindfulness is, what it isn’t, and why it’s important.  As I mentioned in my previous...
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My Journey into Mindful Parenting

Before I became a parent, I thought I had life figured out.  You set a goal (for school, work, or whatever), and if you stay focused and work hard, you will achieve it.  This approach to my professional and academic pursuits got me through my bachelor’s degree, as well as my master’s and doctorate in clinical social work.  My type-A, slightly (or perhaps more-than-slightly) anal-retentive style helped me stay organized and successful in challenging...
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Welcome to Mindful Parenting

Parenting often takes a lot more stamina and skill than first-time parents realize. That's why some parenting self-help book classics remain popular, even decades after they were first published.

Although the study of and practice of mindfulness are becoming increasingly popular in both scientific research...
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