Where the mind goes….. the mood follows!

Future tripping and worry are linked to anxiety. Rumination on the past, is linked to sadness and depression.  So, the key to maintaining balanced mood is to hold non-judgmental attention in the present moment. Since minds time travel, and bodies don’t, practice actively moving-holding attention in the body.

The Practice.

Step I: Identify the spot where you feel the physical sensations of breathing most strongly. It may be the belly, chest, or nostrils.

Hold your attention there, as you inhale and expand the belly as the air comes in, feeling the belly contract on the exhale.

Repeat three times, as you anchor your attention on the physical sensations of the breath as it comes in and goes out.

Step II: Expand your awareness to attend to the feeling of your body surrounding the feelings of breathing.

Feeeeel yourself inside your skin suit.

Notice that you inhabit this vehicle called your body.

Step III: While continuing to hold awareness of the sensations of breathing, and your body as a whole…. Add awareness and attention to sounds around you.

Letting go of judgments of what sounds should or should not be there. Attend to the sounds as if you are listening to an odd piece of contemporary music. Letting go of interpretations, assumption, and judgments, and just experience the sounds.

Remain still for just a moment as you hold awareness of Breath, Body and Sound.

PAUSE: Notice how you feel after practicing this exercise. What do you notice?

Take a Mental Snapshot.  You have more influence on how you feel than you realize.

These three steps can train you how to actively practice stepping back from the turmoil of life’s drama, while still being present and ready for adaptive responding.

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