Coping Skills

That Thing You Do: The Holiday Family Freak Out – Eps. 4

Once again, the holiday season is upon us… And unless you're under the age of 5, there isn’t a more stressful time of year! The holidays can bring out the best and worst in us. That's because we can be our least mindful selves when we are around our longest standing relationships. Why?

Because our brains enter into automatic communication patterns. We’re in our comfort zone. Things are just so familiar. So you end up saying the things you always say. Your mom responds the way she always does. And before we know it, the fireworks begin!


That Thing You Do: The Workaholic – Episode 2

“Okay! What’s next” was the thought that constantly ran through Martha’s head, like a metronome keeping her in beat to her non-stop lifestyle.  Anytime there was a beat, a pause, a silence – “What’s next?! – egged her on.

Martha was indeed a work-a-holic!

Like all...

Coping Skills

4 Quick Fixes to Keep You from Losing Your Cool

When you’ve been triggered and your emotion passengers are trying to hijack your mind-body vehicle, it can feel like your losing control! Your mind and body get pulled into a full cascade of psycho-physiological reactivity. Breathing gets shallow, muscles tense, and you can’t think clearly, you’re in full-blown autopilot!

So sometimes, you need a short-term skill to get through a moment, without making it worse by acting impulsively.These skills will help you hack into your body chemistry so you can regain a sense of self-control.


Is The Digital Age Fueling Toxic Reassurance Seeking?

We all need a little reassurance sometimes. Someone to tell us we’re on track, doing great, or just confirm that we don’t have food in our teeth! But could this normal behavior be becoming more problematic in the digital age?

Has Internet, smartphone, and social media addiction become the modern equivalent to a long understood feature of mental health problems?