10 Skill-sets of Mindful Eating

There is more to mindful eating know-how than just paying attention and chewing ten times.  This diagram shows 10 different skill sets that I consider to constitute fully conscious, mindful eating.  These are: craving control, trigger control, hunger recognition, fullness recognition, mindful emotional eating, mindful social eating, philosophy of eating, process focus, satiety extension, and appetite control skills.  Note: each skill is really a skill-set consisting of sub-skills.  For...

Can Dieting Make You Dumb?

You've heard it again and again: diets don't work. But here's a new one for you: diets make you dumb. Some diets, that is. No, not metaphorically - literally!

The Monitor on Psychology, a publication of the American Psychological Association, reports in its February issue:...


Mindful Eating Leads to Mindful Living (and Vice Versa)

Mindful eating is an opportunity to infuse mindfulness into our day to day life. When eating mindfully, each meal becomes a kind of "alarm clock" for consciousness. As such, mindful eating becomes an important "cog" in the machinery of mindfulness that counters the machinery of mindlessness. Put simply, mindful eating leads to mindful living (and vice versa).