Thrills of the Tongue

Human tongue is a thrill seeker. As it tires of one taste, it looks for another. This sensation-seeking tendency of the tongue is what accounts for the so-called sensory specific satiety.

Recall what happens in a buffet: while you might feel too full to eat...

Trigger Desensitization: Why Fear Your Favorite Foods?

In "Eating the Moment" I distinguish two broad approaches for dealing with environmentally-triggered eating:  trigger control and craving control.   There's a big difference between these two approaches and quite a bit of nuance within each of these approaches.

Trigger control helps you avoid triggers that provoke your cravings as well as to reduce their trigger power through a process of desensitization.  Craving control helps you manage the cravings once they arise. 

These two approaches are complimentary:  to get across the temptation land-mines without blowing up...

Rethink Emotional Eating

Cultivating Mindful Emotional Eating Partnerships 

I’d like to once again tackle the most provocative concept from “Eating the Moment” self-help program, that of mindful emotional eating.  I have received a good bit of correspondence regarding this harm-reduction, moderation-focused, Middle Way approach to dealing...

A Fast, Not a Feast

Fasting as a means of celebrating is as old as the world.  Much has been written about fasting and health benefits associated with it.  I encourage you to develop some curiosity about it (Dr. Fuhrman's writings are a good place to start).  My use of the term “fast” refers to a continuum of eating restrictions ranging from complete food-free, water-only fasting to various dietary restrictions (as you would find, for example, in the tradition of Lent). 

Before undertaking fasting a) read up on the...

A Fiesta, Not a Feast

Have you noticed that we tend to celebrate with food?  Celebrations are a powerful, culturally-sanctioned trigger to eat, over-eat, and even binge-eat.  For many over-eaters, food-centered holidays are a dreaded challenge and a source of post-holiday rumination and self-dissatisfaction. 

Here’s a new paradigm to try:...

Caviar in the Backseat of a Car

Sapience Series:

There is an intriguing interplay between the setting of the meal and our willingness to enjoy it.  One dish, when served in an upscale restaurant, will command far more attention than it will when you have it as a leftover for lunch...