We Are Pluralities

[excerpt from "Neural We: Single Neurons, Multiple Personalities, and Redefining the Species" (Somov, 2012)]

Metazoan Paradox: Each “I” is a “We” and Each “We” is an “I”

[Chapter 1-b of "Neural We"]

As a reluctant writer, I like beating around the idiomatic bush. Call it creative procrastination or priming of the linguistic pump. I know I do it too much. I love to take semantically scenic detours on the way to my conceptual point. I love to...


Blowing In the Wind

Struggling to collect your thoughts this morning?

Leave them scattered.

Life is wind.

Mind is leaves, blowing in the wind.


A strange thought to consider:

How are you not a tree encased in a human body?!

Don't you grow?

Don't you worship the sun?

Don't you thrive on water?

Animals and plants, aren't we rooted in the same mother-Earth?

So, how are you not a tree on legs?


If so, these thoughts that you are trying to collect this morning,

these leaves of narrative,

leave them scattered.

Let the...

Mindful Eating: Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Mouth

Taking the Harm Out of Emotional Eating

Here’s a question that guides my clinical mind: “What do clients want?  And how do I help my clients feel ok about what they want and help them get what they want while minimizing problematic behaviors and facilitating desired change?” This very question is at the core of humanistic harm reduction (HHR).  And it is at the core of my Mindful Emotional Eating approach.

When my clients present with concerns about “emotional eating,” I ask them...

360 of Compassion


Therapy doesn't just change those I offer it to, it changes me as well.  Over the years, I've heard myself say things in the moment that were new to me as well.  Therapy is a mysterious, living process.  An encounter like no other.  A tango of consciousness.  The following are three foundational realizations that have crystallized over time for me and for some of my clients.  These ideas have to...


Life Isn’t Simple

There's a meme going around that "discipline is freedom."  Let's take a moment to examine this proposition.  Indeed, when you are disciplined, when you do what you choose to do, your life acquires a quality of predictability and order.  Before too long you begin to experience yourself as psychologically sovereign, as somewhat invulnerable to external influences.  You begin to experience yourself as self-determined.  As your discipline continues to crystallize and consolidate, you become an unwavering...

Acceptance-Based Perfectionism

Self-Acceptance Applied

This morning, for no apparent reason, I decided to compile a list of dumb-ass stuff I have done in my life. I stopped at 50 items. I am not talking little things, I am talking big ticket items that might have led to serious,...

360 of Compassion

Psychoanalyze, Don’t Moralize

Evil is not a psychological category.  Evil is a moral category.  I invite you to psychoanalyze, not moralize.  Here are a few propositions for you.

"There is no evil - there is just ignorance, greed, fear, obsession and indifference."

Ok, let's unpack this step by step.

Ignorance is not evil.  Ignorance is the result of any number of psychological, sociological and educational factors.  Ignorance can be the result of misguided cultural programming (eg racism, chauvinism, nationalism, etc).  Ignorance...