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Searching for Significance in All the Wrong Places

We search for significance… in all the wrong places.

Significance is a sign that a given manifestation (aspect) of reality equals: ______________ (your mind fills in the blank).

Indeed, significance is an equation between something outside of you and something inside you, a moment in which a particular manifestation of reality translates into a feeling of significance and a thought of significance.

Case in point: say you have a crush on a co-worker.  As you walk past her desk, she looks up.  This moment, this manifestation of outside reality translates into a feeling of significance (your heart skips its regular beat as the sympathetic nervous system revs up in response to the possibility of sympathy) and a thought of jubilation (perhaps: “she/he likes me!”).   But, of course, so far it’s just a hypothesis – but its very fact is enough to make your heart skip a beat. 

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Searching for Significance in All the Wrong Places

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  1. Thank you, this is fantastic!

  2. It reminds me of the philosopher I once heard of who decided to go on holiday within his own home town.

    And why not?

    I think that he may have followed that one up with an even more daring adventure – going on holiday within his own room!!!

  3. Why should we need to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to find objects to which we attach significance?

    • Body travels. Mind doesn’t.

      Put differently: body travels, minds stays inside.

      Put differently: Body travels (from A to B to X), mind (i.e. you) stays inside (itself) (inside the same phenomenological/existential coordinate).

      Put differently: An “out-of-body” experience – my guess – is still an “inside-mind” experience.

      Am I sure? Hell no!

      Solipsism? No: epistemologial sobriety.


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