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Q & A

Questions matter more than answers.

Questions unwind the mind while the answers wind the mind up.

The quest part of the question is far more important than the destination end-point of the answer: a question is a liberating journey into the unknown, an answer is a...
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Stay, Lola, Stay!

In Reality Check #73 I wrote: "Reality is non-negotiable: it already is what it is."  This little "dictum" reminded me of a 1998 German film Run Lola Run.

In the film, Lola is presented with a challenging situation that she fails to successfully resolve despite three attempts, three "runs."  In each run, Lola attempts to replay reality - yes, to replay the very reality that already is what it is.

My advice to Lola(s): Stay, Lola,...
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Triumph of Disillusionment

I recently moved: packing, unpacking - all that moving jazz.
So, the other day I am looking at my bookshelves (of mostly non-fiction)

and I realize:

99% of these books added absolutely nothing to what I know -

Instead they subtracted - subtracted from the seemingly...
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Word, the Drug

Language is a drug. We trip on words. We trip over words. A word of praise and we feel high. A word of criticism and we feel low. In the beginning was the word, the first consciousness-altering drug, the psycho-pharmacological alchemy of chunking mind...
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Empathy Training for Robots

Pattern Break #108-a

Initial statement: the problem with empathy training for robots is not software but hardware. Mirror-neuron circuitry is hardware-based empathy that requires no programming.

Refined statement: the problem with empathy training for robots (and sociopaths) is not software (culture) but hardware....
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Release Yourself From Desire

There are 2 kinds of actions that rule our days: mindless actions (actions on autopilot) and mindful (conscious) actions that are motivated by desire. But there is a 3d kind of action as well: a mindful (conscious) action that is not motivated by desire.

mindless actions (on autopilot)
mindful (conscious) actions that are motivated by desire
mindful (conscious) actions that are not...
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Projections of Instrumentality

Mayakovsky, a poet of Bolshevism, wrote in 1914:
If the stars shine --
well then -- somebody needs it?
Then -- somebody wants them out there?
This is what I call “projections of instrumentality.” Human mind seeks order, sense, meaning. We are in a continuous state of apophenia - in a state of meaning-making, in a never-ending process of connecting the dots. Except for when we don’t - when we let go of this meaning-making, illusion-making search for reassurance.

I find...
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Talking Heads of Pattern Interruption

A few pattern-interruption points from Talking Heads (from 1984):

"There is a finite number of jokes in the universe."

"There is no music in space."

"Cats like houses better than people."

"Schools are for training people how to listen to other people."

"Violence on television only affects children whose parents act like television personalities."

"Table manners are for people who have nothing to do."

"Civilization is a religion."

"People will remember you better if always wear the same outfit."

"In the future we will all drive standing up."

"Adults think with their...
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