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Acceptance-Based Perfectionism

Never Mind This Book Review

I read a lot.  And I shamelessly deface the books that I read - I write in them.  I don't just underline, I circle, I annotate.  Books in my collection can never be resold by a traditional second-hand bookseller because they are full of my reading graffiti.  Wayne Liquorman's book "Never Mind: a Journey Into Non-duality" is totally destroyed after reading: it's dog-eared in a dozen of places, it's littered with notes, exclamation signs and coffee...
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Acceptance-Based Perfectionism

All That Can Be, Is

Do you have a favorite thought?
Mine is: "All that can be (right now), already is."
This thought of acceptance shines from behind all my other thoughts, it's the inner illumination of my mind-cave, the interior ambiance of my consciousness.
Like that nightlight you leave on when you go to sleep.


Present Perfect

Nightlight photo available from...
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Acceptance-Based Perfectionism

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, Buddha

Turn rumination into acceptance.  Upgrade your perfectionistic “shoulda, coulda, woulda” mantra with the word “buddha.” The word “buddha” means “awakened, enlightened” in Pali.  Use this term in its lower-case connotation as a symbol of acceptance and appreciation of the natural perfection of what is.
When you find yourself ruminating on some past imperfection, toss in a little bit of “buddha” into your self-talk.  Recognize that whatever...
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Acceptance-Based Perfectionism

Self-Esteem vs. Self-Awareness

"100 reasons why I'm worth €"
As a clinician, I believe that self-esteem (as a treatment goal or as a self-help goal) is overrated.  I am a far bigger fan of self-acceptance.  Here are some thoughts regarding self-esteem and self-acceptance.
On Conditionality of Self-Estimation & Unconditionality of Self-Acceptance

However you slice it self-esteem begins with self-judgment.  After all, to estimate is to...
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Acceptance-Based Perfectionism

How To Experience Perfection Without Being Perfectionistic

Classic perfectionism is like an infinite tunnel:  you drive in and you never get out.  For a finite mortal like you and I, chasing the Unattainable is akin to trying to beat the speed of light.  It can’t be done.  Thus, the no-way-out-doom-and-gloom of the perfectionistic mind.  Perfectionism is an autobahn into Nowhere without any exit ramps.  That is, unless we redefine Perfection and Perfectionism.

Shifting the Paradigm of Perfectionism

As I see it, perfectionism...
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Hunting Unicorns

People say: “Perfection is unattainable.”  And yet they chase it.  What a psychologically toxic set-up!  What a self-fulfilling destiny of dissatisfaction!  Chasing theoretical perfection is like hunting unicorns.  Good luck.

Dare to consider: reality is (already) perfect and perfectible.  This “and” is the hardest “and”...
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