About Pavel Somov's New Book: The Lotus Effect

What if we could go through a day of spilled coffee, traffic snarls, and fights with our loved one, and emerge feeling balanced and unscathed? The Lotus Effect offers ancient meditative techniques designed to help readers do just that.

Written by clinical psychologist and practicing Buddhist Pavel Somov, this book breaks down the ‘lotus effect’-the ability of the lotus plant to repel any non-nourishing foreign substances that cling to it in order to allow it to access as much sunlight and water as possible. This natural resilience helps it to thrive and bloom in even the worst conditions. Using the lotus flower as its central metaphor, The Lotus Effect offers meditation techniques and intriguing thought and perception exercises for shedding difficult thoughts and experiences, anger, worry, stress, and feelings of low self-worth. Readers discover what triggers their minds to focus on these feelings, and they practice disidentifying with these thoughts and instead identifying with their essential selves-the selves which, like lotus flowers, remain unstained by the slings and arrows of daily life.

Somov introduces practical meditation practices including neti-neti (mindful detachment from distressing information, ‘I am not this’), vipassana meditation (interconnection between mind and body), Dzogchen meditation (acceptance and awareness of reality), and Western relaxation training.

From the Publisher

The Lotus Effect offers readers a variety of Buddhist meditative techniques, both ancient and modern, for shedding the worry, rumination, obsessive thinking, and overthinking that causes suffering and prevents people from fully absorbing positive situations and experiences.

About the Author

Pavel Somov, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Pittsburgh, PA. After serving in the Soviet military and completing his undergraduate degree at Moscow State Pedagogical University, he immigrated to the United States to pursue a career in psychology. He received his doctorate from State University of New York at Buffalo. Somov is author of Eating the Moment.

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