Assume that everyone you meet is drunk, afraid and armed.

This is not a formula for paranoia. This is a formula for compassion.

Everyone is drunk with their subjective view of reality. Everyone is afraid (on some level) of being (profoundly) wrong about their view of reality. And everyone is armed with anger.

If you can, now and then, help minds you meet see that there has never been and never will be such thing as objectivity (mind is bias). Next, if you can, help them see that even if they are not right, they are not necessarily wrong. And, finally, help them see that their anger is a cry for love.

These assumptions are this modern-day ape’s rules for living peacefully in a “human” jungle.

An ancient sage, Mani, wrote: “In your opponent too, though hidden, lives the light.”

There is an intimate interplay between what we assume and between What Is.

[adapted from “The Monkey Mind of Being Human: From Neurosis to Nirvana” (Somov, 2014)