Petting a dog is said to have powerful health benefits – a release of oxytocin (a feel-good bonding hormone), a lowering of heart rate and blood pressure. How marvelous!

That is the power of touch! And the logic of it!

Oxytocin – the feel-good bonding hormone – is activated by touch.

Makes sense!

To unite, to bond (two surfaces), you have to bring them together until they touch.

And when the two biological membranes – two living skins – realize that the Outside is safe, that the Other is a Friend and not a Foe, a euphoric connection is formed.

Divisive Dualities (Skinthink) – as a result – abate, and Unitive Nonduality (Kinthink) – as a result – arises.

Pet a dog.

Pet a cat, if he or she allows it.

Pet a leaf – as you walk by a hedge, run your hands against the leaves.

Pet a rock – put it in your pocket, take it to work with you.

Cosmos is a pet awaiting your touch.

[excerpt from “From Skinthink to Kinthink: Birth and Death of Duality” (Somov, 2012)]