When I look at the nameless reality of Whatever Currently Is (right now) through the lens of mindfulness and presence, everything relaxes me, everything feels “ok” and “normal” and “simply such” – even illness and death and violence and war and… You name it! Everything – the entire Ordinary Perfection of it all.

In 1710 German polymath Gottfried Leibniz says: we live “in the best of all possible worlds.”  Exactly. And you don’t have to be good at math to figure this out: reality always adds up to itself – reality is never less and never more than everything it can be at any given moment. The rest is the stress and tension of idealistic expectations.  Reality does not shortchange itself.  All that can be now, now is.

Total, 360-degrees acceptance is the letting go of perfectionistic dissatisfaction about the current state of reality.  Acceptance is the beginning of relaxation.  To relax, accept.  A basic formula of self-care that suits any circumstance.

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